Time for a Change!

After blogging for over 4 years about Hair and sometimes beauty! We need to sit down and talk my Lovelies. It can get a bit monotonous,  I have over 100 posts on the various ways you can care for you beautiful strands. If you read my post on Monday you will know I am embarking on a new hair journey; which I will definitely be sharing.

I need suggestions on what other stuff you would like to see on the blog. Are you interested in my Salon Work? Do you want to see how I lost 16 kg in 9 months and kept it off? My Exercise Routine? What I Eat now? Health and Beauty Tips? Where I bargain hunt for clothes, shoes, beauty products, furniture and a whole lot more? How I feed a family of 4 on a very tight budget? Juggling being a Mom and running my own business? How I help my child with ADHD?  I would really like to keep sharing helpful information and honestly I think I have covered the hair part pretty well.

Also this is a BIG ONE for me.......The blog name will be be changing to reflect more of where I am in my life I know, I know its HUGE. I am so used to people calling me "Mzansifro" that I don't  know if I will be able to cope without my beloved blog name. But "change is the only constant in life", I am sure you will all like the new look blog and you will continue to support me as you have in the past.

Please drop me a mail at isabeln@mzansifro.co.za if you are not comfortable commenting below, or can leave your suggestions below.



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