Natural Hair Fatigue!

Is anyone else out there tired of their Natural Hair? I know I certainly am! I have been natural for six and a half years and I am tired of my hair. Actually, let me put it in a different way "tired" is probably not the right word; I need a CHANGE.  Its been the same thing for almost 7 years, I just want my hair to look and feel different.

 I have nothing against being natural it has been a wonderful and sometimes comedic journey. From the days of Clay washes, Henna Treatments, ACV and 4 - 8 hour wash days, endless ritualistic processes to simplifying my natural hair process.  I have grown, coloured, twisted, coiled and defined my Afro. I have achieved hairstyles and health I never knew I could with my natural hair.

On my wish list is Soft, Smooth, Straight Bouncy hair that will literally take me less than 30 minutes to blow dry. I am also kind of done with the Afro look, I just want straight hair and that's it. Sure I can Silk Press my own hair in less than an hour, but then I have to avoid all contact with moisture to keep it straight for 10 days.

So what are my options? Hmmm (rubbing my hands gleefully) being a stylist affords me the opportunity to come into contact with a lot of different products and treatments that can safely transform hair into whatever you want it to be.  I have narrowed my options to 2 and I will discuss these options in detail in my next blog post 

I am interested to find out if anyone else is feeling "fatigued" or is in need of a change from their hair? Let me know in the comments below and if you found this article helpful please share it with your friends.



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