Colouring your Natural Hair

In recent months I have seen a huge surge in naturals coloring their hair! But is it safe? Can you color your hair and still achieve growth?

Naturals have been always been averse to color and heat, as these have always been blamed for the quickest and fastest way to damage your beautiful locks. But it's not the color or the heat that damages your hair; it is how you care for your hair when it is colored. When you decide to change your hair color keep in mind the following:

1.  Are you using  Professional Color
2.  Are you prepared to give your hair extra attention
3.  Are you coloring already damaged hair

If you hair is in excellent condition and you are going darker there is absolutely no reason for the color to damage your hair. Your stylist is simply adding color into your hair. If you are going lighter by way of de-coloring your hair with a bleach and your hair is in excellent condition there is also no need to panic. De-coloring or bleaching your hair does alter your curl pattern, it makes it looser and it strips your hair of color. This simply means you need to take extra care of your hair by way of more nourishing and repairing treatments. Color safe shampoos and conditioners will become a staple in your care products as they will assist in your colour not fading so quickly.

Key thing to Remember

1. You that you cannot go from Dark Brown to Blonde in one sitting.
2. If you hair is dark the color you choose will not be exactly the same it will be darker.
3. Box Dye is the devil it will dry out your hair (believe me I know I am still growing out the damage)
4. You cannot color your hair if you have used Henna it will not allow the color to penetrate
5. You will have to up your in salon treatments from one every six weeks to at least two.

My professional advice to anyone wishing to color their hair especially if you are going a few shades lighter is to get it done in a salon. Your stylist will be able to control the oxidant which is what activates the bleach to lift your hair. They will also be able be able to add concentrated professional treatments that counter the damage. A big bonus for me personally, is that they are able to tone the hair from the brassy oranges, that I see walking among us to something more natural looking until you achieve the color you are looking for.

Remember that chemical treatments such as bleaching, coloring will alter the structure of your hair, I strongly recommend you take the advice of your stylist on after care products that will preserve and enhance your treatments. With spring slowly approaching take the leap into the world of color,  if you have been thinking about it and enjoy your hair.



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