4 Alternatives to Relaxers

Are there alternatives to Relaxers? Yes there are, alternatives to smoothing your hair and wearing it straight without causing damage!  Personally I am not fan of the relaxer as it breaks down the bonds of your hair and completely alters the structure, also it's permanent.  

Here are 4 Alternatives I recommend at my salon for those seeking a solution be it a quick fix solution or a one that will last up to 12 weeks. 

1. Design Essentials STS Smoothing System - this is always at the top of my list of recommendations for those looking for manageability but still want to maintain their natural hair.  This System not only helps to smooth your natural curl pattern but it also enhances and improves your hair.  The System is by far the safest way of sightly loosening your curl pattern, adding manageability, moisture and strength without disrupting the hairs' structure. Please read this post Review: Design Essentials STS System for a full review. 

2. Hair Botox - clearly I have lived under a rock for the past 4 years, but Hair Botox has been all the rage for smoothing and revitalizing dry, damaged and lack lustre hair especially if it has been colored and chemically treated.  The treatment is based on the Keratin System without the formaldehyde boasting ingredients such as Caviar, Collagen, Hydrolyzed Proteins and much much more.  Hair Botox systems are protein treatments on "steroids" they literally will bring the youth, shine, body back to your hair. Some will also temporarily smooth your natural curl pattern offering ease of manageability and you can wear your hair straight for up to 6 weeks without damage. Others will literally boost your curls to bouncy ringlets giving you a power pack of moisture. 

3.  Keratin Treatments - are quite popular among those that generally want to wear their hair straight. Keratin treatments have evolved from your run of the mill Brazilian treatments;  to treatments that do not completely straighten your hair. Improvements have been made to offer a lot in the form of hair repair, moisture retention and complete manageability. 

4. Silk Pressing (flat ironing) - a temporary method of smoothing your natural curl pattern when done well this can last up to two weeks. Caution must be taken however to avoid permanent heat damage,  always use the best heat protectants, deep condition your hair before and after pressing.  A fantastic at home pressing system available in South Africa is the Design Essentials Agave and Lavender Collection. 

So you see, there are professional products available in South Africa; that offer an alternative to relaxers. My favorites as a Stylist are of course the Design Essentials STS Smoothing System followed very closely by Hair Botox.  

Let me know in the comments below what other alternatives to relaxers you have found and if you have tried them. 



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