The Baggy Method

My life has been crazy busy lately; I am sure most of you know that I finally opened my salon and let me tell you it is HARD WORK but  boy is it fulfilling.

This post is not about that though I wanted to let you in on one of my moisturizing "secrets". This method works perfectly for people with busy lifestyles and dry hair. The #BAGGYMETHOD  is my go to method when my hair is feeling dry and I don't  have time to give it my usual loving attention. It literally takes 5 -10 minutes to prepare at night and 5 minutes to style in the morning.

Baggy Method Explained 
There are two methods that seem to be inter-changeable in the natural hair community, that is the Greenhouse Method  and Baggy Method. The difference between the two is the products used. 
Most naturals on the "Internets" swear by the Greenhouse method and claim that it grows hair fast, I have never put this method to the test so I wouldn't be able to confirm that.  It is this similarity that makes it confusing, but just remember that the Greenhouse method uses natural light oils and the Baggy method uses products such as moisturizers and leave-in conditioners.  The "science" behind it is that your head sweats throughout the night and this moisture and heat helps the product penetrate your hair fibre reaching the core of your strands to moisturize and soften. The sweat also causes sebum (the body's natural oils) to travel to the ends of your hair much easier. 

What you will need!
You need to be aware though that this is not a quick fix, if you are suffering from chronically dry hair, you will need to commit to much longer than a week and also look at your hair-care regime.

You will need to have the following items:

- Cling Wrap/Plastic bag/Disposable Shower Cap
- Leave-in Conditioner
- Moisturizer 
- Spray bottle and water 
- Doek/Scarf/Bonnet 

How I use the Method
On freshly washed deep conditioned hair I apply my favorite moisturizer, please note that you need only use a small amount less is more with this method. Next wrap you hair tightly with cling wrap making sure you seal the top as well so that no heat escapes during the night. Tie it with a doek and make sure the plastic is secure and the doek is comfortable for you to sleep, if you are a bit extra like me you can also put your bonnet over this. Let your hair marinate whilst you sleep. In the morning remove the scarf and add a little oil, little being the operative word here,  you just want enough to seal in that moisture. 
On the second day just spray you hair with water just to dampen it. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner I like to alternate between my moisturizer and leave-in when I am doing this method there is no difference I just like to alternate my products. You must continue this process for the next 7 days and then on the 7th or 10th day you HAVE to wash your hair and deep condition and start the cycle all over again for as long as necessary.

Styling during the process
So I have the advantage of having a TWA so this not an issue for me but if your hair is longer you could consider Twists or buns as this method is excellent for keeping the ends of your hair moisturized.

Things to Avoid 
1. Make sure that the products you are using do not contain large amounts of protein as this could have the opposite effect. 

2. Do not use rinse out conditioners as the surfactants in these could cause irritation and dry out your hair stick to leave-in conditioners.

3. Do not seal your hair with oil or butter at night, as the moisture and product will not be able to penetrate effectively if it is sealed.

4. Please use "clean products" avoid products which mineral oils, petrolatum as these will just dry out your hair so check the ingredients.

5. Moderation is key, 3 -8 hours is enough you don't need to walk around with the plastic the whole day let your hair breathe during the day. 

The products I used during this process were all Design Essentials products and no this is not a sponsored post I bought all the products used.  I preferred the Design Essentials products for this process as they work well together to moisturise dry hair, but feel free to use the products that work for you. 

Try this method before and during winter to help boost the moisture levels in your hair, remember to drink lots of water as this also helps with your overall health.  Happy healthy happy body equals happy healthy hair. 

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