FIX IT FRIDAY: New Products Don't Work

So you got sucked into buying products, you got home and they don't work like they should! Before you throw them away try these few tips.

Firstly check that you are using them correctly according to the manufacturers instructions and if they still don't work, these tips will help:

1. Leave in Conditioners can sometimes be too thick resulting in some pretty nasty white residual on your hair when it dries.  SOLUTION thin it out, its quick, easy and painless. Pour or scoop some of that leave-in conditioner into another container add some cooled boiled water or Aloe Vera Juice shake and you ready to go.

2. Shampoo leaving your hair feeling stripped? SOLUTION  use this type of shampoo only for clarifying as it will completely cleanse your hair of all product build up. If you co-wash more than shampoo, use it once a month to bring balance to your hair. If it is just too harsh and really does nothing for your hair use it to clean your makeup brushes.

3. You buy an amazing Conditioner that is great at softening your hair but it is difficult to work with because it has no slip. SOLUTION add some oil to that baby and it will work like a dream. Great oils to work with are Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba oil.  If you into DIY make yourself some Flaxseed Gel and pour some of it into that conditioner and you are ready to go.  If the conditioner is just not  doing anything for your hair use it for shaving, it works so much better than shaving gel or foam and the conditioning agents soften your skin.

4. Curling Pudding or Custard that does not define or set your twists and styles. SOLUTION use it as a moisturizer most of these products have moisturizing ingredients already in them. Use these in your LOC or LCO method to add another layer of moisture to hair.

5. Greasy Products  this is my pet peeve. I buy a product and it turns out be so greasy that every where I go you know I have been there. The best use of this product is to use it a Pre-Shampoo treatment. Instead of using an oil to Pre-poo use this instead especially if it is a leave-in conditioner as it will also soften your locks before you cleanse.

Let me know in the comments sections what products you have bought that just didnt work! What did you do with them?


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