Fix it Friday: How to avoid White Flakes on your Hair

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Why do I get white flakes (product residue) on my hair? 

1. Using too much product - LESS IS MORE it's taken me four years to learn this.  There is no need too use a "shovel size" when it says "pea size" amount.  Using too much product weighs down your hair making it look dull and lifeless. Also, consider how many products you will be using to achieve your style if it's 3 or more then you are literally drowning your strands in product.

2. Not properly rinsing out your conditioner - ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURERS instructions. Rinse completely out of your hair means exactly that.  You gain absolutely nothing from leaving the conditioner in your hair.  In-fact not cleansing your hair correctly causes product build-up and can lead to scalp issues and stunted growth.

3. Combing or "Cocktailing" products - Heavy Leave-in Conditioners do not work with Gels, in-fact most heavy products like Shea Butter do not combine well with Gels. Heavy products if not used correctly tend to sit on top of your hair instead of being absorbed.

4. Incorrect use of products -  ALWAYS READ THE LABELS. Some products require your hair to be damp to absorb.  Products such as curling custards, puddings, thick leave-in conditioners will not be absorb into dry hair. Use products that are appropriate for your hair type and texture, using a heavy pudding on looser curls will weigh the hair down whilst a light leave-in condition on thick coarse hair could leave it susceptible to moisture loss.

5. Layering too many products on your hair - Leave-in conditioner, Coconut Oil, Gel, Styling Pudding, Moisturizer, Butter Creme this is a cocktail for disaster limit the number of products you will use on your hair. If you are not sure what products to use together consider using product from the same brand at the same time they are tested by the manufacturers and generally tend to work well together.

How do I get rid of the flakes? 

1. If the flakes are not too many you can add a light oil like Jojoba oil to your hair to try dissolve the flakes.
2. If you whole head is covered in flakes and you are pressed for time, pull out your favorite doek and rock that for the day.  There is absolutely no other way of getting rid of the flakes either than WASHING your hair.

Our top tip to avoiding flakes all together, is to always test the products you are going to be using on your hand before applying them on to your hair.  If they do not combine well together on hand then there is no way they will work on your hair.

Fix it Friday is going to be a regular feature on the blog.  So if you have any questions on how to solve "hair and beauty mysteries" please email them to me @  or drop them in the comment section below.



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