Blow Out VS Relaxer

What is the the difference between a Blow-Out and a Relaxer? 

Nothing! They are both relaxers and are designed to disrupt the protein bonds in your hair fiber. By breaking down and reshaping these bonds, your curl pattern is either loosened or completely straightened.
Blow Out relaxers or Texturizers as they are now commonly known were popular in the 1970's because they were a milder form of  Sodium Hydroxide that loosened your curl pattern slightly without completely straightening your hair. Users got the beautiful rounded Afro.  During the 1990's they all but virtually disappeared because everyone wanted "bone straight" hair. However, their popularity has picked up again with the rise of the Natural Hair Movement in South Africa.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Natural Hair vs Blow Out 
Once you use the Blow Out relaxer your hair is no longer natural. Your hair might look like an Afro but it is no longer natural. You will have to care for your hair as relaxed hair and there are slightly different rules to follow.

How do I get my hair to be natural again?
The simple answer is, you cannot wash off the relaxer and return your hair to it's natural state. The only way to get your hair back to its natural state is to either "Big Chop" or "Transition" back to natural hair.

Are Blow Out's Bad for your Hair?
A relaxer is a relaxer whether you call it a Blow Out or a Texturizer, it permanently alters your hair! I am a firm believer in freedom of choice, individuals must choose what is best for their lifestyles. If you want to blow out your hair then it is up to you to decide that! Relaxed hair does grow and thrive it all depends on how you look after  your hair.

But my Stylist said it was Okay! 
Not all Stylist are equal. As crude as that may sound, the truth is the hair dressing industry in South Africa is unregulated. The government does not require a Stylist to be licensed or trained. Most trained stylist are not equipped to care for Natural African hair either as this is also not taught in Salon Schools. That is why a Blow Out relaxer or Texturizer is often recommended to clients as it helps them get the "Afro look".

What do I do if my stylist gives me a Blow Out without my permission? 
Question question QUESTION everything, your stylist uses on your hair! Never ever tell a Stylist to do what they think is best for your hair, be involved in the process.  Ask your Stylist where they trained so you can ascertain whether they know how to handle certain chemicals. Request examples of their work on Natural Hair and pay attention to the language they use to describe your hair. If you not getting the right "vibes" from them and you still let them loose on your hair, I have absolutely no sympathy for you! Most reputable salons do not relax clients hair without their permission as they are afraid of getting sued!

My Hair is a "problem" and this the only way to make it soft! 
Your hair is not the problem, you need to change your mindset. Unfortunately there is no short-cuts to looking after natural hair. Yes you can make it easier by cutting out unnecessary processes. Natural hair can be soft and bouncy if taken care of correctly.

I know the challenges of looking after your hair especially in its natural state, but do not loose hope. More and more people are writing and talking about natural hair, products are becoming more accessible it will get easier.  Try and only deal with Stylist that are trained and have dedicated themselves to looking after natural hair.

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Can you use relaxer after using relaxer?

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