How I wash my hair

Having and maintaining a clean scalp is essential for overall hair health. It is vital that you shampoo your hair on a regular basis, in order to get rid of buildup, dead skin cells and any unwanted bacteria.
 I used to be a big Co-wash fan, but; overtime that didn't seem to work for me.  (Why I stopped Co-Washing my Hair) )

A few months ago I discovered that I wasn't washing my hair correctly. Yes  my hair was getting washed but the way I was washing my hair caused my hair to get even more tangled during the shampoo stage. Also, my scalp always felt dirty.

The natural thing to do when you are washing your hair is to lather the shampoo right on to your hair, this is a definite NO NO as you need to concentrate that shampoo on your scalp so that it cleans up the build up, dead skin cells, bacteria, debris and anything else that might need to be cleanse.
As a result of being exposed to a salon, I developed a Two (2) step method to shampooing my hair. The first step is to remove grease, oil debris and any physical dirt on my scalp. The second step is a "specialty" shampoo, if my scalp has any flakes, is dry, irritated, or itchy then I will use a shampoo to specifically address these issues. It is important to note that I do not lather the first shampoo up to my hair I concentrate it on the scalp to open up the pores so that my "speciality" shampoo can work better. Once I have completed my scalp massage with my second shampoo I then bring it up to my hair to wash it.

I NEVER EVER massage my conditioner into my scalp. This will cause flaking and it clogs up my follicles. Conditioner is designed to close your hair cuticles and bring your hair back to its correct PH Levels. The moisturizing and conditioning properties are meant for the hair and not your scalp. Once I have shampooed my hair I take "pea size" amount and put it on top my hair to soften it then I section my hair into four (4), I add more conditioner if needed to detangle my hair.  Once this is complete I THOROUGHLY rinse the conditioner out of my hair as some conditioners do contain surfactants which are actually cleansing agents.

Leave-in Conditioner 
For me this is an absolute MUST, as it ensures my hair is kept nice and soft.  I either spray this directly on to my hair or I apply it in sections, to the ends and  mid-length of my hair.  It all depends on how thick the leave-in conditioner is. I follow all this wonderful goodness up with a sealant of my choice and then I style my hair.

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