Product Review - Moroccan Oil Products

I don't think there is a person alive who doesn't love SALES. Personally, I love sales because they afford me the opportunity to buy and try products that I normally wouldn't be able to afford, I bought all of these products from the December Twincare International Sale. 

Let me just begin with the fragrance of these products, Oh My Word, I adore the fragrance, it is makes my hair smell like expensive perfume. It is not overpowering and it doesn't disappear into the air but rather lingers in your hair until your next wash day. 

The Repair Shampoo is light, quick foaming and it cleans your hair without leaving your hair feeling stripped.  I enjoyed this Shampoo very much and would definitely stock up on it again.  

Smoothing Conditioner 
This conditioner absolutely had no slip, I found it hard to work into my hair, it didn't leave my hair feeling soft or smooth.  My hair felt a little coarse, I was quite disappointed with this conditioner. 

Curl Control Mousse
I have been using this Styler for 6 months and I absolutely love it. I have been able to achieve, MY perfect Twist-out with this product without my hair feeling sticky or "crunchy". It left no white residual nor did I experience any build-up. I used it on a Flat Twist-out Bantu-knot out, recently it tried it on my very first Braid-out and I loved the results. This is definitely a keeper and I am never without a bottle or two.   

This is supposed to be a "MEDIUM" hold Gel but on my hair this was "super duper" STRONG hold it will definitely define your curls BUT be prepared for the dry and "crunchy" feeling. I cannot even begin to describe to you how dry and crunchy my hair felt, granted my hair looked AMA-ZING with the tiny little curls and coils all super defined however, I did not enjoy the crunch at all it felt as if my hair was in cast.  When I washed off the gel my hair was super soft though and it wasn't dry so it works as an excellent sealant.  I love to have my hair in super defined curls but I did not enjoy the way my hair felt when it was in my hair. 

Have you ever tried these products?  What high end products do you use and do they work for you?



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