Silk Press with Argan Smooth

When I first received this kit from the distributors I was extremely skeptical. I "googled" each and every single ingredient on the list to verify if any of ingredients were chemicals that would permanently straighten my hair. As you all know I prefer to wear my hair in its natural "kinks and coils", I am not interested in heat treating my hair BUT I was extremely curious.

What is a Silk Press? 
Because I rarely use heat on my hair, many terms that have to do with heat styling on natural hair are completely ALIEN to me so I had to first find out what the devil a silk press was? According to an article I found onThirsty Roots  "a silk press is done with a flat iron...the hair tends to have a lot of body and movement, be lighter and silkier, and exudes a healthy shine. Unlike traditional presses which usually weighed down the hair with pressing oils and heavy grease.A silk press is done on natural hair only. Relaxed hair is already straighten through a chemical process and excessive heat from a press will only lead to extreme damage." Read the article here
After reading a few more articles I was even more confused and very AFRAID for my hair but I still wanted to try this system.

Argan Smooth Silk Press Kit
This kit has enough products for 4 treatments a Shampoo, Hair Masque, Softening Sealant and the Silk Press Creme. The information provided to me was that my hair could remain in its "pressed" state for up to 2 weeks depending on how I cared for it at night so essentially this kit could last me up to 8 weeks, if I wanted to keep my natural hair straight.  

Epic Shampoo. I loved this shampoo on my hair it made my hair really soft and it also made detangling easier.  

Strengthening Miracle Masque. This product infused my hair with moisture my hair felt stronger but it was soft as well.

Softening Sealant. I didn’t honestly see a big difference when I used this product but I assumed it was more of a heat protectant. 

Silk Press Crème. When you initially open the bottle of this crème it looks like a butter I was worried that my hair would FRY. However, when you touch it, it feels like a cream, I tested this crème on a small section of my hair before proceeding to do the rest of my hair. I loved the fact that it did not leave my hair feeling stiff, my hair was also not greasy.  

Thoughts on Silk Press
The first time I used it I kept my hair straight for 9 days I maintained it at night by wrapping it. To “revert” my hair back to its "kinky-coily self" I shampooed then deep conditioned with the Hair Masque and finally I used the Corrective leave-in conditioner.  I have Silk Pressed my hair 3 times in the last 4 months and I have to say I actually enjoyed it,  I even took it to the hair salon and they pressed my hair and they couldn't believe how soft and bouncy my hair was. 

I haven't experienced any heat damage whatsoever and my hair is bone straight, silky soft, bouncy and it doesn't feel fragile. I love the care products that come with system as they are extremely moisturizing. I believe that the Argan Smooth range and Silk press system address dryness and manageability for naturals who chose to wear their hair straight or in its coily state. 

This product is not readily available. If you are going to use this product yourself you would need to have a blow dryer and a flat iron to achieve the best results, you will also need to know how to use this equipment.  Educating my hair stylist about this product resulted in an argument as he insisted that using a petroleum based product on my hair to blow dry it would be best, so you would need to have that conversation with your stylist. 

Will I use it again? I will definitely buy myself some stash to keep for when I feel like tossing my hair backwards and forwards, but I love to wear my hair in its natural state so I probably wont silk press it  that often.

Do you blow dry your hair what do you use to protect your hair?  Have you ever used any of the pressing systems available in Mzansi let us know in the comments. 



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