Allergic Reaction to Dermalogica

Okay so I got a bit more than I bargained for when I went for my facial on Friday evening.  I was quite excited to have a facial not having had a facial in almost 6 years.  I had a break out on my face which I really didn't care for too much and I wanted it gone.  

I had a chatted briefly to the therapist on the Monday when she waxed my eyebrows and she recommended I try a Dermalogica Facial.  On Friday evening  I went off to an extremely relaxing session save for the extraction.  When the facial was done I got a few samples and I bought some Dermalogica product and I was advised this would get my skin on the right track, I was shown how to use the products and off I went a little sore but hopeful that glowing skin was just around the corner.......

The say a picture is worth a 1000 words well this is how I woke up on Saturday Morning

Saturday, I was told to expect some redness and a little bit peeling because of the treatment but I wasn't prepared for puffy swollen itchy eyes and a fine rash that went from forehead to my neck and my shoulders basically every where the treatment had touched me I had a rash.

Sunday, I woke up with swollen puffy eyes and I looked worse than the day I stopped using Dermalogica products rinsed off what I had used, got myself some antihistamines and slept most of the day. 

Monday,  swelling had gone down considerably but my skin was so dry.  I am too scared to use anything at the moment, as it I might aggravate the problem I have just washed my face with luke warm water and that's it,  on my lips I put on some Labello as my lips are dry and also have the rash

How could this happen
Well these things with facials and products are really quite difficult unless you have had ALL your allergies tested you are not to know what ingredient will trigger a reaction. My therapist had no idea the combination of these products would result in an adverse reaction.  I have used Dermalogica in the past and I never suffered any adverse reactions the reason I stopped using Dermalogica was because it just got so expensive.,

Will I go for another facial?  Yes I will but not in the immediate future! Will I go back to the Salon I went to?  YES because they weren't to know this would happen to me and every precaution was taken to ensure my safety, and as soon as I informed them of my reaction they acted immediately and tried to get to the bottom of what might be causing the swelling. The big question is will I use Dermalogica again honestly I don't know, after reading a few reviews online (after the fact) Dermalogica doesn't seem to be the brand I used to know and trust, I am sure it is going to take a very long time for me to even look at Dermalogica without breaking out. 

What have I learnt
If you are a person that has an allergy to certain ingredients you will definitely know as guaranteed this would have happened to you before,  you would have been tested and if it is a severe allergy you walk around with an medical alert bracelet. BUT if you don't know that you are allergic to certain ingredients these incidents are unfortunately unavoidable.

What I would advise you to do is to research products on the WWW before you use them. Ask the therapist to do a patch test on your skin 24 hours before your treatment especially if it is a new treatment. Read as many reviews as you can about the products and if it is over the counter use the testers on your skin  24 hours before you buy.  If you have ever had any reactions to any products in the past make sure to mention them to your therapist, as she knows what ingredients are in certain products and will be able to tell you what you can and cannot use. Lastly choose a reputable salon like the one I went to, unfortunately they cannot control everything and they do not make the products so though you are looking like an extra on Vanilla Sky speak to them calmly so that they can help you. 

Facials are supposed to be relaxing and 99.9% of the time they actually alleviate some skin concerns it is very rare for anyone to have an adverse reaction to treatments, so enjoy your facials but be aware.   

Have you ever been for a facial? What was your experiences? Did it alleviate your concerns? 



Dermalogica Products Used 

Clearing Skin Wash 
Enzymic Base part A
Acidic Activated part B
3 Pumps E-A35 - for 15mins 
Daily Resurfacer 
Ultra Calming Mist
Ultra Calming Serum 
Active Moist 

After Care
Special Cleansing Gel 
Gently Soothing Booster 
Clearing Mattifier 

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