Its a #LUSH Life

Recently I got to invited to Lush's media event at their Dainfern Square store, we were served Champagne and Mimosa's at 10:00am, it was such a welcome break from accounting journals. 

I was introduced to Lush products 12 years ago when I lived in London and I absolutely fell in love with the brand, the smells that came out of that Regent Street store were so inviting and delicious, you couldn't walk past without going in. 

My most favorite Lush products were always the soaps, lip scrub and the Henna Treatments. When Lush opened at Dainfern Square I braved all manner of traffic and taxis's trying to kill me to go see if it was really TRUE that Lush had finally opened in Joburg.  My Lush fixes had been limited to getting just the Henna online then on trips to Durban I would stock up on soap like Godmother and the Porridge soap.

I purchased the the Ultrabland (R115) the day Lush opened, I have never used it before but I was looking for something that would help me with dry skin in winter.  My skin hates me I swear, I have combination skin with a very oily T-Zone so in summer I look like a chip fryer and constantly have to blot but in winter I get dry patches on my face to the point where it peels so I was looking for something that would alleviate this and Ultrabland was suggested. Firstly I was a bit thrown by the fact that it looked like no cleanser I have ever seen, it reminds me of those old school cold creams that my mom used to use. The ingredients are typical of a cold cream and include beeswax, almond oil  amongst other things so, if you are going to use it be open minded and remember that Lush products are not like any other products on the market,  these are the same people that sell you products with fresh Avos in their masks and they work. 

The way I use it
I smooth this "greasy" looking cream all over my face including, my eyes with my makeup still on, I use a generous amount then I massage it all over my face and neck, after I feel like my face has been massaged sufficiently and I look 10 years younger,  I use a clean damp face cloth to wipe it off, from the first time I used it I couldn't believe how my face felt, not only did it feel clean it also felt like I had lightly moisturized, so instead of putting any moisturizer on my face I used my night serum and that was it.  The next morning I used it again and I didn't feel the need to use any moisturizer I just proceeded on to my primer and makeup.  I absolutely love how this stuff makes my skin feel.  

My skin is definitely not as dry as it would normally get and I use my moisturizer now and again when I feel the need to. My skin is incredibly soft and smooth.  I absolutely love this product. The downside of this product has been using a face cloth, I am not a fan of using face cloths on my face as they usually cause me breakouts (I told you my skin hates me) I did suffer a breakout when I was using the face cloth, but I have since switched to cotton pads you get a Dischem and it's been smooth sailing since then. 

Lush News 
At the media event we were told that another store was definitely opening in Joburg they alluded to the fact that it would probably in Rosebank. Lush is also going to open more stores around South Africa but there were no time frames and locations given.  However, if you want to get your Lush fix on, go on to and make your purchases online. 

Have you tried Lush products?  When and how did you get introduced to Lush?  


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