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If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have finally installed my protective style I have been waiting to get Faux Locs for the longest time. I saw them on social media and on some celebrities in the States, I wanted them so BAD.  But as one of those do it yourself kind of girls I searched You Tube for the easiest ways to install them. I cannot braid at all so any of those tutorials that started of with me braiding my own hair were definitely out of the question.  I finally came across what I think is 2 brilliant tutorials on the installing the Faux Locs.

Before I installed my faux locs I washed my hair with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo, I followed that with the Afro Botanics Repairing and Strengthening Treatment.  I used the Heat Cap from +Silk Helmet Lady and kept the treatment on for 35 minutes.  When my hair was throughly "steamed" I rinsed with very tepid water to make sure that my hair cuticles were sealed.  As a leave-in conditioner I used the  ORS Curls Unleashed Leave in Conditioner, I like this conditioner as it makes my hair really soft. For extra moisture I applied Nubian Nature's Shea Lavender Moisture Souffle to my damp hair,  I threaded my hair in small sections to stretch it. 

The hair I used was from My Halo Hair and I found it very easy to work with,  it is really soft and it comes separated already so there was no need for me to cut and manipulate the braiding hair. I bought it for R120 per packet and I used 5 packets.  I have bought Marley hair before from Randburg it was more expensive than this one and I must say the quality wasn't as good as the Marley Hair from My Halo Hair. 

When I was installing the faux locs I took down the hair in each plaited section and separated it into smaller sections,  I then added some Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong to each section as  I was installing the Marley hair just to make sure that the braiding hair did not dry out my own hair.
I used  Shey's method in the below video to install the faux locs I found this method to be relatively simple to do as it felt like I was threading my hair but with a hair piece instead.  I must say the back was more difficult to install as I couldnt really see what I was doing and I hadn't yet mastered the art of burning the braids at the ends.  But as I went along it became easier with practise.  I used +Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care  videos mainly for the technique on how to burn the ends.

You know when you watch a You Tube Video, it looks so EASY and it doesn't look like it takes that long.  Well it took long it took me 2 nights to complete my installation and I was exhausted. I honestly wouldn't recommend you do this yourself. Go to your stylist and show them the video's. I know this is going to sound a bit like "product placement" as I was just there but the ladies at Urban Zulu Natural Beauty know how to install these and they are very willing to assist their clients and accommodate our never ending "Natural Girl" requests, I saw this first hand in the last few days I have been there.   I honestly don't know if I am going to be doing another DIY anytime soon.  

Its been a week since installed my faux locs and I must say I am really enjoying them, all I have done is spritz them with my DIY braid spray and try and fit all this hair into a satin scarf at night.  I would suggest that you look for another way to finished them off at the end maybe with hot water as the burning is damaging my jerseys at the back (so not Ayoba) I will be cutting off the ends over the next couple of days and trying to seal them with hot water. 
I absolutely love this hair style and I will probably have it on for another 3 weeks or so then I am going to try something else I saw on You Tube with  My Halo Hair's Marley hair, but this time I am going to a stylist. 

Have you ever tried any of the DIY's you saw on You Tube? How did it turn out? Was it anything like the video?

Remember to love your hair always 



Video's I recommend 

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