Deep Conditioning - HEAT CAPS!!!!

It's been forever in a day since I posted, I have been a bit hectic lately. But you will be happy to know I have have been trying a lot of new things one of them been the +Silk Helmet Lady  HEAT CAP for deep conditioning.  I got introduced to the Heat Cap a while ago when we had our second care class. 

The +Silk Helmet Lady  gave me a pro-type of the heat cap to try as you all know I LOVE to deep condition my hair so any product that will intensify my treatments is always welcome.

The heat caps is designed to use your body heat to create a steam room effect on your head (GHE),  our scalps are one of the cooling mechanisms of the body, so heat is lost through our HEADS (who knew that).  What the heat cap then does is it traps this heat in to create a natural "steam room" effect.  Effectively what happens when you have the Cap on is the heat rises gradually and at lower temperatures than with an electrical appliance so you are not scorching you hair or your scalp.

DC MYTHS  "debunked "
I once believed that the longer the treatment is on my hair the more absorption would take place, I used to walk around with a plastic cap on my head for hours on end as I believed that  5 - 6 hours on my hair would do the trick but after a lot of  "research" on WWW I have come to learn that hair can only absorb a particular amount of product and absorption will taper off  after about 30 mins so the maximum I will keep a treatment on will be 45 minutes as honestly nothing will happen after that time.  Where does the Cap come in well according to more "research"  the general recommended heat setting for any treatments is 35-40 degrees which this is safe at this point for skin,beyond that you are at risk of a burning, with the CAP there is no risk of burning as your body is regulating the temperature and "trapping" the heat in.

As a natural we all know that  deep conditioning helps to get the much needed nutrients and moisture into our hair and the use of steam has always been touted as working wonders for all hair types. However, a steamer costs in the region of  R1 100 is cumbersome and consumes space and can cause LOAD SHEDDING, so the heat cap for me is definitely a money saver and is easily stored and  the great thing about it is that it WORKS. 

I wish it had been designed it with Velcro to catch at the front so I wouldn't have to tie it in front as the tie "thingies" are also quite short and when your hands are slippery and wet you don't want to deal with difficult things,  so Velcro would work like a dream on this.  I suppose it is not making a fashion statement but you don't look cute at all whilst wearing one of these so maybe we could get them in floral prints as well, yes yes I know you don't wear it the whole day but I want to look cute whilst I am deep conditioning 

Priced at R300 you definitely get value for money compared to a steamer and also you can take this anywhere so if you going out of town and you need to deep conditioner stick it in your carry on luggage, this is well worth the investment. 

As you all know I LOVE you all so very much and I want you to share in my experiences I twisted +Silk Helmet Lady  "rubber arm" into giving all Mzansifro BLOG SUBSCRIBERS a discount for this ingenious contraption and all BLOG SUBSCRIBERS will get 25% off their Heat Cap purchase until the 10 July 2015.  What does this mean? Well you have to be an email subscriber or a follower of this blog to get the discount and it is valid for a whole month. To make your purchases please email all your orders to  with the code MZANSIFRO-HC

Remember to love your hair always 



**** I was given the pro-type of the Heat Cap by +Silk Helmet Lady  to test I did not purchase the cap

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