Wet and Wild Makeup: What's New

Makeup Makeup and more Makeup! Wet and Wild is pulling out all the stops this Spring with some pretty #AWESOME launches this September. 

LA Girl Makeup: Whats New?

I finally got a day off and went to one of my favorite stores to unwind. Yes I went to Dischem! If you are a reader of my blog you will know how much I 💗 LA Girl Makeup, look I love makeup PERIOD! But I have a soft spot for LA Girl Makeup the quality is #AMAZING, it is affordable and it wont break the bank.

Colouring your Natural Hair

In recent months I have seen a huge surge in naturals coloring their hair! But is it safe? Can you color your hair and still achieve growth?

4 Alternatives to Relaxers

Are there alternatives to Relaxers? Yes there are, alternatives to smoothing your hair and wearing it straight without causing damage!  Personally I am not fan of the relaxer as it breaks down the bonds of your hair and completely alters the structure, also it's permanent.  

Here are 4 Alternatives I recommend at my salon for those seeking a solution be it a quick fix solution or a one that will last up to 12 weeks. 
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