Colouring your Natural Hair

In recent months I have seen a huge surge in naturals coloring their hair! But is it safe? Can you color your hair and still achieve growth?

4 Alternatives to Relaxers

Are there alternatives to Relaxers? Yes there are, alternatives to smoothing your hair and wearing it straight without causing damage!  Personally I am not fan of the relaxer as it breaks down the bonds of your hair and completely alters the structure, also it's permanent.  

Here are 4 Alternatives I recommend at my salon for those seeking a solution be it a quick fix solution or a one that will last up to 12 weeks. 

Time for a Change!

After blogging for over 4 years about Hair and sometimes beauty! We need to sit down and talk my Lovelies. It can get a bit monotonous,  I have over 100 posts on the various ways you can care for you beautiful strands. If you read my post on Monday you will know I am embarking on a new hair journey; which I will definitely be sharing.

Natural Hair Fatigue!

Is anyone else out there tired of their Natural Hair? I know I certainly am! I have been natural for six and a half years and I am tired of my hair. Actually, let me put it in a different way "tired" is probably not the right word; I need a CHANGE.  Its been the same thing for almost 7 years, I just want my hair to look and feel different.

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