Time for a Change!

After blogging for over 4 years about Hair and sometimes beauty! We need to sit down and talk my Lovelies. It can get a bit monotonous,  I have over 100 posts on the various ways you can care for you beautiful strands. If you read my post on Monday you will know I am embarking on a new hair journey; which I will definitely be sharing.

Natural Hair Fatigue!

Is anyone else out there tired of their Natural Hair? I know I certainly am! I have been natural for six and a half years and I am tired of my hair. Actually, let me put it in a different way "tired" is probably not the right word; I need a CHANGE.  Its been the same thing for almost 7 years, I just want my hair to look and feel different.

Design Essentials Scalp and Skin Care Collection

Design Essentials, a brand that is synonymous with Natural Hair Care recently launched their Scalp and Skin Care Collection. The Collection is formulated with natural ingredients that Cleanse, Replenish, Nourish, Protect and Solve Scalp and Skin issues with the same sensitivity and care as facial product treatments. The collection is dermatologist tested and  offers targeted solution, with an easy to use needle nose applicator, it offers maximum convenience and ease of use

Things that don’t work on my hair

There are quite a few things that a lot of naturals swear by that my hair just does not enjoy, some of them have an adverse effect on my hair.  Unfortunately, with hair-care it is not always one size fits all!
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